Monday, 29 February 2016

Protect the Rights of Children in Alberta Schools!

Due to some disturbing policy changes in Alberta schools regarding gender self-identification, I have written a letter to the Minister of Education of Alberta, Mr. David Eggen, stating my opinion on the matter.  Many other parents (and their children) across the province have done the same.  (Links are provided below.)  This is the letter I emailed this morning:


Dear Mr. Eggen,

I fear the consequences that will come if the Guidelines for Best Practices: Creating Learning Environments that Respect Diverse Sexual Orientations, Gender Identities and Gender Expressions is implemented in Alberta schools.  It literally shakes me to the core of my being.

Perhaps you do not realize just how biased and disturbing this proposal is. 

In the acknowledgements, you express appreciation for “everyone who is committed to creating welcoming, caring, respectful and safe learning environments across Alberta.”  Please accept my plea for safe learning environments everywhere.

I am a caring mother of a 17-month-old daughter.  My husband, a protective father, works with me in parenting our little girl.  No matter what each of us may say, we are still the gender and sex we were born as and ever will be so.  As well, if not for our difference in gender (which is based on sex which is based on anatomy), our daughter would not be a part of this world.

Even before we were married, I decided I wanted to homeschool our children.  My reason was simply that I felt like there was a lot of wasted time in school compared to what could have been accomplished if I was able to learn at my own pace.  I want my children to have the opportunity to excel in whatever area they choose at the rate they are capable of learning – but they will have the choice to learn at home or in a public or private school.

Kristin Olsen School Children Picture
By Kristin Olsen (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons

Another reason my husband and I discussed was regarding what is being taught in the schools about sexual education to the young people around us.  I believe that sex is good and appropriate, but only between a married man and woman.  Any other sexual associations taught otherwise degrade the purpose and sanctity of the family relationship.  Else, what purpose is there to having a family?

Now, if these so-called “Guidelines” are enforced in Alberta schools, there is no way ever that I will let my daughter go to public or private school if we continue to live within the province.  I would not have peace of mind for any child sent off to school.  The “Guidelines” contain loopholes that allow for potential sexual harassment, abuse and/or rape to happen within school limits or on fieldtrips – without informing the parents of the victim or abuser.  Where, then, is the safe haven for any child of any gender-identity within Alberta schools?

The acceptance of either gender to use any gendered bathroom, the elimination of gender-segregated activities, and the opportunity to self-identify as either gender (or none) at any time will not stop bullying of students with different sexual preferences.  These “best practices” only cover up the problem of bullying and avoid dealing with the serious mental, emotional, and sexual consequences of gender confusion in children.

I do hope that, if these “Guidelines” are enforced, those parents and families who choose to homeschool their children or move outside of the province in response to the “new rules” will not be punished in any way – whether financially, emotionally, educationally, etc.

Please do not enforce these “best practices” in Alberta!  I stand with many other caring and loving parents in this.

Sincerely and hopeful of a better world,

Kristina Ogrins


What is your opinion on this issue?  If you are facing this situation, whether in Alberta or elsewhere, what have you or others done about it?

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  1. I agree with you 100%! I don't understand when education became about gender as opposed to learning... I homeschool our children for their safety and protection and I know that God would not ever want children to be so mislead by what the board of education is forcing on our children by implementing this. My children's rights of religion and privacy are being completely overlooked and ignored if this actually goes through in the public/private school board...

    1. - it would be unfathomable for an individual to transition as a means to gain access to other humans to rape or assault. The bathroom door isn't locked, they could go in anyway.

      - we share bathrooms with trans individuals without incident all the time, without our knowledge because that's their business. We also share bathrooms with folks who are attracted to our gender and come away unassaulted.

      - the wellbeing of our young people is what is key here. ALL of them. This policy even benefits non trans kids by allowing them to co-exist with their peers peacefully and reapectfully. Their safety is ALWAYS a priority for educators, and regardless of who is in the washroom or change room adults will monitor and supervise as necessary to reduce violence, just like we do everyday. This policy is product of an underlying belief that we want applied to all our youth, trans or not, that their bodies are theirs to control and present and identify with. This policy tells all kids, trans or not, that they have the ultimate control over their bodies, which is something our schools desperately need to start repairing body image issues, to end sexual violence and to raise adults who respect themselves and others.

  2. Putting your own religion 1st in a PUBLIC SCHOOL is ridiculous. Public meaning anyone can go to said school and not be harassed or bullied for being different. You need to stop being so judgemental!


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