Monday, 8 February 2016

Dream Home Floor Plans: 2-Story Library & Indoor Playground

What you are about to see is the first dream home floor plan that I've actually finished drawing.  I've never finished drawing a final version of any other plan because I'd change my mind about how to represent a certain space or scrap the idea entirely.

Lucas and I have many ideas of what we'd like to include in our dream home - so expect many more posts of this kind in the future (until we finally get to build one of our dream homes)!

Disclaimer:  Since I am not an architect, drafter, or educated in any course about home design, building, etc., be aware that these are very much hypothetical and bound to be inadequate in many areas.

An attempt to show the basic exterior of the house.
Ideally, it will be designed to represent the Victorian era.


  • 3 floors including finished basement
  • 7 bedrooms
  • 4.5 bathrooms
  • 2-car attached garage
  • large kitchen and pantry
  • wrap-around porch
  • plenty of space for entertaining
  • playroom includes indoor playground
  • separate apartment above garage with access through laundry room
  • luxurious master suite with walk-in shower
  • cozy 2-story library with balcony access from master suite

(Click each image to view larger size.)

Main Floor

Let us begin by walking up the steps of the Victorian-style wrap-around porch and through the front door into the foyer.

To your right, over a half-wall, you can see into the main sitting room where visitors can mingle until a meal is served in the dining room.  Between the sitting and dining rooms there is a walk-in coat closet with a designated built-in shelf for shoes.

Directly in front of you is an arched hallway that passes under the stairs, past a half-bathroom into the kitchen.  A pocket door opens into the bathroom to allow uninterrupted space for walking down the hall.  The bathroom has a convenient built-in shelf for linens above the space used for shoes in the coat closet.

Walking up the stairs on your left up to the landing, you have 3 choices: continue upstairs, go down into the kitchen, or access to the magnificent 2-story library through a set of double doors.  The library is partially soundproof and has large windows opposite the walls flanked with built-in bookshelves.  The center of the room - sunken nearly 3 feet - acts as a cozy sitting area for reading and studying.

Let's take a look in the kitchen now.  There is a central island with a sink and dishwasher on one side and an eating area with bar stools on the other.  The large pantry and 5-foot wide fridge-freezer combo are within easy reach to the island and the preparation and cooking zones on the far wall.  The location of the island between the cooking zone and dining room makes it an excellent place to serve foods to eat there or to be taken into the dining room, as well as to take care of dirty dishes immediately after a meal.

The large octagonal dining room includes a built-in serving area or buffet for convenience.  A set of French doors opens onto the covered porch where there is space to set up an eating area outside.

Due to "popular demand" (ie. from me!), we also have a charging station next to the fridge and a built-in L-shaped desk in the kitchen, conveniently placed where all family members can accomplish other tasks while preparing meals.

Finally, a mudroom with a bench and storage shelves connects the kitchen to the spacious 2-car garage.  There is a door from the garage to the backyard as well as access to an outdoor storage room that could also/instead be used as a mechanical room.

Let's go upstairs!

Upper Floor

At the top of the stairs is a loft area overlooking the stair hall that we call our "Family Gathering Room."  This is where we would have family discussions, Family Devotional, or other special family-related things.  There is a built-in desk off of the family gathering room that would be used mainly for computer or laptop usage.

At the front part of the house we have two bedrooms - one with a walk-in closet - within easy access to a full bathroom with plenty of counter space.

On the opposite end we enter the luxurious master suite.  To the left of the door there is a cozy sitting space to read the books from the library balcony - accessed only through the master suite!  The master ensuite includes a decent sized walk-in closet, toilet room, double sinks, and a walk-in shower.

The final door that leads from the family gathering room is for the large laundry room, complete with a sink and ironing board that folds up against the wall.  The laundry room is shared with the *special guest* (yes, we have someone in mind) that would live in the suite above the garage.

This suite opens up into a small kitchen with a mini fridge and microwave and eating area.  (The idea is that this *special guest* would normally be eating with our family.)  Beyond the eating bar is the living room with a storage or hobby room and bedroom at the back.  The bathroom can be accessed from the living space and the bedroom and has a shower instead of a bathtub.

Now run down to the basement with me so we can play!


Before we start playing, let me note that through the door to the left of the bottom of the stairs is the food storage room that doubles as an emergency shelter.  Do you feel the need to "go" when there's an emergency?  Me too!  There is access to the full bathroom through here as well for that very purpose.  Near the bathroom a half-wall partially divides the basement for quiet living: two more bedrooms and a homeschool room (or extra bedroom).

Take a look at what there is to do down here!  There is an entertainment area for television and multimedia set-up, a sitting area to chat (or set up a pool table), and a games table next to a snack bar.

Finally, slide open that barn door!  This is the playroom with a built-in indoor playground under a 10-foot ceiling.  What fun!  (I didn't bother to design the playground - but it would be awesome!)

Thanks for checking out my dream home #1!  There will be more to come (because this is so fun to do)!

What features do you like?  What do you dislike?

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