Monday, 4 January 2016

My First Impression of Depression

I used to believe that "mental illness" was just a scientific term to cover up the psychological effects of sin either committed by the affected person or by one who could influence the affected person.

For example, I believed that depression or schizophrenia were consequences of sinful behaviour that encouraged demonic possession.  As well, I believed a child was said to have ADHD because the parents willfully neglected to properly nurture their child's needs.

With a focus on depression -- yes, it can be a result of sinful behaviors, such as substance abuse, alcoholism, and addiction to pornography.  But it is important to understand that sin does not necessarily cause depression!

I learned through experience and research that there are multiple possible causes for depression that, combined in some intricate and God-known fashion, lead to a unique depressive state for each affected individual.  I believe my depression was driven by a combination of:
  • pregnancy hormones, 
  • it being my first pregnancy,
  • it being a very difficult pregnancy,
  • moving to a new city,
  • it being my first move away from home and family,
  • having difficulty making new friends, and
  • genetics.

I will be sharing my experience with PPD (postpartum depression) over several blog posts this year.  I hope that my words will help to heal me and other readers experiencing any depressive disorder.  I hope also that it will help you to understand what someone you know may be silently suffering mentally and emotionally.

This documentary video (produced by a friend in the Spring of 2015) will act as a preview to what I will discuss in future posts.

What do you think of people that say they have mental illnesses or disorders?  Do you think they make up or exaggerate their symptoms?  Are you intimidated or annoyed by these people?

Next week's topic: [Life Before PPD]

photo credit: Canon EOS 60D - 'Tempus Volavit' - Directional Flash Test - PK Fit Vivitar f2.8 28mm via photopin (license)

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