Monday, 15 February 2016

3 Ways to Celebrate the Family

Today is Family Day in the province of Alberta, Canada.

Since I don't actually know how this holiday came to be, I just did some Wikipedia research.  This is what I learned:
  • celebrated by Alberta, Manitoba, Ontario, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island (PEI), British Columbia (BC) and Saskatchewan
  • on the third Monday of February (except in BC on the second Monday)
  • coincides with Presidents' Day in the USA
  • first celebrated in 1990 in Alberta

"Premier [Don] Getty said it was important for all Albertans to take time for their families, and that this holiday would emphasize the importance of family values." [source]

So, to celebrate, here is a list of things you can do with your family today (or, really, any other day).
  1. Tell each family member what you admire about them.  If doing this verbally is too difficult (and all members know how to read and write at least a little), try this:
    • Each individual needs a piece of paper and a writing utensil.
    • Everyone writes their name on one side of the paper and places it in front of them.
    • Sitting in a circle, each person passes their paper to the person next to them.
    • On the back of the paper, each person writes 1-3 things they like about the person whose name is on the paper and flip it back over when done.
    • Continue passing papers until all family members have written on each other's paper.

  2. Read and discuss The Family: A Proclamation to the World with your family.  Some possible topics to consider are:
    • the role of each family member
    • the importance of gender
    • the purpose of marriage
    • wholesome activities to do together
    • why Heavenly Father decided to place us on the earth in families

  3. Pick a family from your family tree to learn more about.  Search for birth, death, marriage, war, and census records to find as many details as you can about each individual.  Read journal entries, obituaries, biographies, compiled family genealogies, and look at family photos (if possible).  Track family milestones (births, deaths, marriages, moves) on a map.  Visit their grave sites if possible.
    • I recommend using to track your findings.
    • Additionally, for LDS temple recommend holders: schedule a day and time to take family names to the nearest temple.

What do you do to celebrate your family?  When does your family have special time together?

Next week's topic: [Who in the World is Flora B. Caviness?]

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