Monday, 23 November 2015

Redesigned House Plans: Introduction

Do you live in your dream home?

"Could this be the one?" [Credit: Couple Viewing/Dreaming/Buying Home by Mark Moz.]
"Could this be the one?"
[Credit: Couple Viewing/Dreaming/Buying Home by Mark Moz.]

If you do, that’s awesome!  Tell me about it!

If not, does your current home have the potential to become your dream home?

Redesigned House Plans

In this series of posts, which I am calling “Redesigned House Plans,” I will be experimenting with existing floor plans of various homes, whether or not I lived in them.

A sample floor plan. [Credit: 1962 Georgia Pacific by Ethan.]
A sample floor plan.
[Credit: 1962 Georgia Pacific by Ethan.]

This is what will happen for each segment of the series:
  1. I will measure the dimensions of the home (or specific space of the home).
  2. I will draw a floor plan based on rough approximations of the dimensions.
  3. I will analyze all or a section of the plan, noting likes, dislikes, and problem areas.
  4. If provided, I will include ways the residents have "embraced the space" to maximize its potential.
  5. If I see that there could be beneficial changes made to the plan, I will re-draw part or all of the plan and describe how these slight alterations help better serve its purposes.  
(Of course, this is all based on my opinion and, at times, on discussions with other home owners or tenants.)

Disclaimer:  In analyzing these homes, I am in no way blaming the current or previous landlords or home owners for the structure and layout of the building.  I am merely trying out ideas on paper.

Why am I doing this?

The main reason: for fun!  I like drawing floor plans, real ones or imagined.

First Floor Layout Pixel Art
This is a really basic floor plan I drew as a young teen when attempting pixel art.  It is poorly arranged but the concept is fairly clear.  I didn't attempt to design the other floors like originally planned.

Other reasons I want to do this series of posts are:
  • To compare different layouts and use of space
  • To analyze what does and doesn’t work in a floor plan
  • To see on paper what dimensions “feel good” spatially
  • To begin more serious design of our dream home based on what I learn
  • To help home owners and designers consider other options for trouble spaces

My first project I will begin next week.  I will review our current home: a basement suite we are renting.

Are you living in your dream home?  If not, what do you see in your current home layout that, if changed, could make it become your dream home?

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