Monday, 13 June 2016

A *Tevia* Special

I thought I'd pleasure you all with some snippets about our life with Tevia.  She is an entertaining character - very silly - and intellectually, very alert.  It has been very difficult trying to find exactly what unique things I'd like to tell you about her.

We've got a junior bobsledding team! haha
Sadly, she's too big to be allowed inside the drawer anymore.
Tevia is now 20 months old (she had recently turned 1 year old when I started blogging).  So she's still only 1-year-old technically, but she acts a lot like a 3-year-old, and I treat her a lot like an older child.  I don't "baby talk" with her and I try to find situations where she can be the decision maker.

Her Vocabulary

I was afraid that perhaps Tevia was developing slower than other children because she didn't start making any babbling noises like other children her age.  I had nothing to worry about though because we have a non-stop talker and avid bookworm!  Tevia picks up vocabulary and names extremely easily.  She reached over 100 words by the time she was 14 months old.  The list now easily reaches about 500 words.  Our favorite words and phrases as of late are:

  • "Mommy, where are you???" (in the grocery store)
  • "Baby lion, where are you?" (on the way to Waterton, Alberta)
  • "Bye, airplane! See you soon!" (every time)
  • "Yakisoba" (she loves it and can say it perfectly)
  • "1, 2, 6, 6, 6, 6, 7, 8, 9..." (she loves the number 6)
  • "Two one! Two one!" (when she sees two of something)

She also will list off things or people needed for a certain activity like, "Amber, swimming, pool, bathing suit, bus, black stroller."  Obviously, Tevia wants to (or already did) go swimming at the pool with Amber, wearing her bathing suit, and she wants to take the bus in her black stroller.  If I don't quite understand a word she is trying to say, she'll list other words related to the thing, person, place, or event.  So no wonder it ends up being pretty easy (most times) to understand what Tevia is trying to say!

Her Interests

Tevia loves reading books, listening to music, singing rhymes and songs with actions, playing piano, being silly, swimming, and being outside all the time.  Since we don't have a backyard, sometimes we go on a walk or to the park twice a day when it's nice out.  We go to the library often and try to enjoy other free activities as much as possible.

She loves seeing our extended family and is very attached to her Grandpa Greep ("Papa Geep").  She knows almost all of her aunts, uncles, and (17) cousins by name.  She often talks about the people she interacts with and the things she does with them.  She seems to be a "people person" at heart.

Her Need For Independence and Routine

Here we are, nearly always hearing, "No! Teh-ya do it!" as Tevia points to her chest and refuses any help with more and more activities.  It's good to see her doing so much by herself... except for the tantrums.  I've tried to reduce her outbursts by letting her do things by herself first and then stepping in, but she still isn't pleased when I try brushing her teeth.

Thank goodness we generally have an obedient and helpful child.  She helps with chores such as putting clothes in or taking them out of the dryer, finding the matching sock, "sweeping," vacuuming, and drying dishes.  She cleans up her messes and puts things in their proper place (including stray rocks she finds on the sidewalk).

Tevia posing with her Ducky
Tevia has specialized her bedtime routine as well.  After dinner she (sometimes) has a bath, gets into her pajamas and then we start our Family Devotional.  She now likes to scribble on a piece of paper as well and put it in the Thank You Jar.  When we ask her what she's thankful for or what was a blessing for her, the responses usually include Amber, Mommy, or Daddy.

After prayer, she brushes her teeth with help, and then it's time for "mommy cuddles" with her favorite Ducky and blanket, sitting in the rocking chair.  She needs her "cow milk" and "wahgger" (water) and drinks like this: lots of milk, a few sips of water, a sip of milk, and then sometimes another sip of water, while Mommy has to hold Ducky and pass the cups back and forth.  We listen to her talking lamb recite some rhymes and do some of our own.

When she lays in bed she asks for "another one" (blanket) and makes sure that I say "good night" ("night") and "sweet dreams" ("dreams") before I leave the room.  She also likes to list with me the people that love her.  Whether or not she goes to sleep after this point is another story...

She's Mine

By the way, this awesome little girl is mine. All mine.

... And Lucas's.

I am very grateful that a rough start can end with a great finish (so far).  Even with as much emotional turmoil as I had through my pregnancy and the first year and half or so, I wouldn't give her up to anyone, never.

She's mine.

What funny things have your kids done?  How do/did you try to avoid tantrums?

An update (just so you are aware): I am now posting every other Monday instead of every week (but I'll still use "next week" when I list the next topic).

Next week's topic: [Sister Nelson's 3-Day Challenge]


  1. It isn't all Disney. But never forget to have fun! Many years now it seems as if those babies have all been snatched. Sad in a way! But the grandkids make up for it.


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